What is Akolyte?

Akolyte  is a global esports platform, connecting you to the best coaches around. 

Whether you're trying to get an edge over the competition, or are simply after bragging rights,  Akolyte  is the platform to help you level up. 

Like traditional sports, a coach will help you or your team to train against others in order to improve. 

Coaches work closely with students, to motivate them, identify their strengths and weaknesses and to make sure they are playing at their best. They will develop strategies and analyse opponents in order to win as many matches – and tournaments – as possible. 

Our coaches are among the best esports players in the world, all vetted through a rigorous, multi-step application process. 

Our co-founders have both a passion for esports, and for child safeguarding. We work with leading childcare experts and we have over 33 years’ experience in child safeguarding. 

Akolyte supports the development of skills that help children and young people stay physically and mentally strong, whilst also building their confidence and resilience, and providing the best training possible to make sure that individuals have the best chance to succeed in esports. The online world of gaming has amazing benefits and access to immediate feedback, but for children and young people, it is important for them to learn how to keep safe whilst they are online. Akolyte is leading the way in making sure that children and young people stay safe and play esports responsibly. 


What is esports? 

Similar to regular athletic sports, esports is a multi-million dollar industry where video games are played competitively. Esports is most popular among teenagers and young adults. Tournaments are played by competitors with various degrees of skill, ranging from international stadiums to inter-school matches. 


But video gaming doesn’t always get the positive press coverage or the recognition that it should. 


From cognitive benefits to leadership and communication skills, providing jobs, meeting new people, being part of a community or even just sitting down to play and relax for a while as a hobby,  esports and gaming can offer many positives and can offer some individuals, future benefits that would otherwise be unavailable to them.  



Tyler is passionate about growing the grass roots aspect of esports. Being involved both as a player and a professional for 10 years. He started Akolyte because he identified that esports is lacking a proper environment to foster new talent. And with most esports pros ageing out during their mid-twenties, its important for the industry to keep growing the talent pool of younger players.


Mark has over 33 years as a child protection expert, trainer, and children’s author. Already running a similar platform for the past four years, Mark brings a unique combination of knowledge and skills that underpins both his and Tyler’s commitment to providing an esports platform that is safe for its users. Mark takes the lead on developing our Safer Gaming Charter and is currently reaching out to other child safeguarding experts across the globe in order to expand its reach.  

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