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Esports Job Spotlight: Coach / Analyst

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Behind every great esports team there are staff who will help train and get the best out of them. Here’s information on how to become a coach and what the role consists of…

What is a coach?

Like traditional sports, a coach will help the team train against other teams (aka ‘scrim’) in order to improve.

Coaches work closely with the players, to motivate them, identify their strengths and weaknesses and make sure they are playing at their best. They will develop strategies and analyse opponents in order to win as many matches – and tournaments – as possible.

Will “FrozenDawn” Burgess, a UK League of Legends coach who has worked with Schalke 04 Esports, says: “As well as teaching the players certain aspects of the game, particularly macro-based decision making, coaches may also be required to resolve conflicts between players and motivate the players to improve.”

Coaches may also be required to record videos of matches, watch them back, keep up to date with the game in question, make notes and arrange scrims.

What about an analyst?

Analysts are experts at taking information and using it to provide interesting stats or learn from it, either for a particular team, tournament provider, broadcaster or game developer.

Team analysts usually work with coaches to generate strategies, analyse strengths and weaknesses, and communicate this to the players in order to get the best out of them. Sometimes a person will be responsible for both coaching and analyst duties.

Some companies or developers will employ analysts or statisticians to keep track of facts, stats and other game information throughout each season.

What skills you need

You will need an excellent understanding of the rules and intricacies a particular game, and usually be required to be able to play the game at a reasonable level yourself. You’ll need to keep up to date with game changes and the meta (how pros are playing the game in a certain way), analyse other top-level matches to get ideas, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your players, and come up with strategies.

Coaches and analysts may be required to analyse opponents, come up with reports, communicate with and use data effectively with players.

Some coaches are expected to assist the manager or owner in the recruitment of players, helping with venues, monitoring the health of players and more.

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