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Bugha Gets Raided

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Crazy news! Barely two weeks after winning $3 million at the Fortnite World Cup, Bugha, also known as Kyle Giersdorf, was ‘Swatted’ in the middle of a livestreaming session!

The 16-year-old champion was broadcasting Saturday night on Twitch when the swatting took place. For those who don’t know, Swatting is defined as “generating an emergency law enforcement response against a target victim under false pretences. Swatters do this by making phone calls to emergency lines like 911 and falsely reporting a violent emergency situation, such as a shooting or hostage situation.” Bugha could be heard saying “I’ve been swatted” on his stream, before leaving for 10 minutes. “Well that’s a new one,” Bugha said when he returned. “They came in with guns, bro. They literally pulled up ... That’s scary ... The internet’s fucking crazy.”

Police in Pennsylvania announced that they had received a call from someone pretending to be Bugha. The caller claimed he had killed his father and was holding his mother hostage. Police then surrounded the home but thankfully, the situation was deescalated when one of the officers, who lived locally, recognised Bugha.

As streaming has taken off, swatting has become an increasingly common practice among online gamers and internet trolls, with several high-profile incidents over the past few years. (In one 2014 episode, a SWAT team entered, raided, and searched a man’s office while his webcam was streaming — the camera caught and broadcast the officers throwing the man down to the ground as the room he was in was searched. The footage, predictably, went viral.) Some celebrities have been swatting targets, including Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown.

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